Designed for Ease

Hang Your Wallgarden

The WallGarden is designed for small indoor spaces and may hang on a wall or stand on its own. If you put it on a wall, simply mount the self leveling bracket with two screws and you are done!

Simple Setup

Connect to your home WiFi network, set up your account and start gardening! Our software will manage and schedule the watering, feeding, and lighting of your garden. You can change your garden's settings through the mobile app.

Add Water

Add water and a plant food cartridge. Your WallGarden will automatically let you know when the water level is low and when you need to replace your cartridge.

Plant Your Garden

Simply drop in the SeedPods and on your way to fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers! The WallGarden doesn’t use soil but rather oxygen rich water mixed with plant vitamins. You only need to refill the water, and add vitamins now and again.

I’ve always wanted to get into gardening, but almost have no room in my condo. But now I’ve got one WallGarden growing marigold in my living room and one WallGarden growing lavender in my kitchen. It really livens up my place!

~ Curtis Swanson, Washington

I’ve never grown a plant in my life. But the WallGarden allows me to grow fresh herbs and vegetables with zero effort. It’s an awesome product.

~ Jade Adams, Philadelphia

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